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Surveys your employees automatically and analyzes feedback

Peakon is a web and mobile-based business and productivity management tool dedicated to gathering employee surveys, analyze feedback, and provide an insight which your company can utilize to further improve the business in real-time. This employee management utility tool has the capability to be translated into more than 50 languages ranging from Arabic to Zulu. It also has the ability to handle complex structures with thousands of people to deal with. Employees can submit their feedback either through the web, mobile browser, SMS, or kiosk.

Get real-time employee insights 

With Peakon’s sleek and dynamic dashboards, you can ensure that every head in the company—senior executives, human resource, department managers, etc—will be able to quickly gather all the insights or driving improvements as soon as survey questions are answered at the same time you’ll see the results in just a minute or so. It is possible to do so because of the intelligent question sampling they provide which uses an algorithm that enables the system to distribute question sets that are guaranteed to improve insight. 

In addition, its advanced data segmentation also allows you to pore over employee’s feedback in any area—office, tenure, team, performance, and so forth. Peakon also allows you to add color and distinction in your data which means you can highlight all the valuable topics and feedbacks from the sea of employee comments. On a different note, the survey forms provided are easy to navigate. Employees can skip forward or backward queries, answer questions as much as they like, and provide comments whenever you feel like. 

Furthermore, Peakon also supports managers with personalized training so, they would know how to respond properly to the insights accumulated. Managers will also be able to take ownership of the team’s performance as the tool provides a flexible overview of their engagement data. This could greatly help them to have better action feedback and engagement response with teams they are handling. Within this platform, managers will also have the capability to identify and manage their initiatives for action plans.

Act on employees feedback

Peakon is indeed a must-have cloud-based business and productive platform most especially for company organizations that have a large number of employees at hand. It is a handy and advanced tool that will help you to efficiently gather employees’ feedback about the company at the same time get real-time actionable insights that will plan, track and measure the employee engagement initiatives. In this way, you’ll also be able to help them reach their full potential. 


  • Surveys your employees automatically
  • Get real-time employee insights
  • Advanced data segmentation
  • Surveys are easy to navigate


  • No way to see previous responses in survey questions

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Peakon 1.0 for PC

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